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We have always a comprehensive selection of machines in stock to choose from. By adding options we can adapt the machine to suit your needs. We collaborate closely with the original manufactures, machines were refurbished with original parts and there is a warranty on every machine.

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ZÜND M-1200  /  130 x 120 cm  /   Tz-T-P Head


Zund M-1200 , Machine for corrugated and folding carton stock, options like EOT, POT, Camera etc are availabale.   Work size is 130 x 120 cm Optional Conveyor Belt availablePostprocessor for...


Zünd L-2500  ZUND PN


Zund L-2500  with Tz-T-P head  180 x 250 cm work area EOT-3   oscillating tool Crease tool Pen Other options and heads available    


Kongsberg  XL-22


Kongsberg XL-22 with 162 x 227 cm work size Tool heads like PowerHead  and FoamHead (foam up to 87 mm thickness) Fully refurbished,, WIN 10 controller.  IPC Frontend as option. Top...


Kongsberg  XL 24  /  XL 44  /  XL 46 Heavy Duty Cutter


Kongsberg XL 24  with  162 x 304 cm worksize, PowerHead 150 mm wheel, MP HF Knife, IPC Controller WIN10 Kongsberg XL 44  with 220 x 304 cm worksize, PowerHead 150 mm wheel, MP HF...


ESKO Kongsberg I-XE-10 - Sheetfeeder


Small 800 x 1100 mm work size. Conveyor and Sheetfeeder for automated production Drag knife, KissCut , pen.I-Cut camera system for preprinted sheets Very good condition, from...