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We have always a comprehensive selection of machines in stock to choose from. By adding options
we can adapt the machine to suit your needs. We collaborate closely with the original manufactures,
machines were refurbished with original parts and there is a warranty on every machine.

Please contact us for a detailed quotation, thank you. Send e-mail or phone.

Kongsberg XL - 22  /  168 x 219 cm  /  FlexiHead / Camera ARS

Kongsberg XL-22, Machine typically for FLEXOPLATE, corrugated / POP display work. FlexiHead with crease wheel,  vibrating knife, drag knife. Camera system ARS. Machine from 11-2009, top...


Kongsberg  XL- 22 PowerHead, 167 x 220 cm

Kongsberg XL-22 with PowerHead,  167 x 220 cmVibrating knife MP HF, crease tool 150 mm and 26 mm,45° V-Notch as option.XL-Guide with WIN 10  or IPC Console with WIN 10


KONGSBERG  XL - 20  ,  167 x 127 cm,  FlexiHead

Medium Size Cutter for Carton and Corrugated. 167 x 127 cm.FlexiHead, Vibrating knife , Crease tool 26 mm. XL-Guide  for WIN 10  or  WIN 10 / IPC Controller From 2015, hardly used


KONGSBERG  XL - 24  , 167 x 305 cm, PowerHead

Large format corrugated cutter, 167 x 305 cm (with PowerHead).FoamHead for 87 mm foam cutting as OPTIONFully refurbished, new WIN PC  controller with XL-GuideNew ESKO controller IPC as option.


ZÜND XL - 2500   /  220 x 250 cm / Tz-T-P

Machine for multi purpose use.  Cardboard, Sign, Techtex,   Tz-T-P head, POT oscillating knife , all other options availableFrom 2004, will be fully rebuilt


Data Technology / GERBER Innovations  DT 2200  /  183 x 217 cm

DT 2200 Heavy Duty machine for corrugated stock up to triple wall.Oscillating knife, drag knife, crease tool, 45° bevel knife.Foam knife for ETHAFOAM up to 55 mm as option. From 1999. In...


ZÜND L-2500 CV  /  180 x 250 cm  /  CVE25 table extension

Machine for textile cutting. Rotary knife DRT, double head TzTP.Conveyor, CVE 25 table extension. Very clean machine



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